About Us

About Us

Since our inception in late 2019​

My Worship Finder has set out to connect religious members to every religious organization willing to share their message.

Our founders saw a need for a religious centric online service that could connect the local attendee to a service across the country. Allowing an organization to share their message to potential members in other cities, states and even countries. Once we affirmed that there was a need for a dedicated digital space where all are welcome & invited? We decided to create My Worship Finder, the premier religious social network. 

Our goal is to create a digital spiritual safe space, a network, a virtual community for people to connect. We want to give organizations access to anyone that needs to hear their message. Accessible at any time, any day, from any medium.

By providing direct access to all religious denominations willing to share their messages. We believe My Worship Finder will evolve into an online superhighway of ministry connection & sharing. We are committed to providing you with the best user experience, networking options, customized communications from your favorite speakers and organization. Our family is excited to have you join and experience this journey with a partner you can trust.

We welcome you to My Worship Finder.

Love Yourself, Love Others, Share The Message,

The Butler Family