Administration FAQ's

Administration FAQ's

Below is a list of the questions we get asked frequently. If any of your questions aren’t covered in our FAQ’s? Please don’t hesitate to contact us HERE. We’ll respond to your question as soon as possible!

No we are not, My Worship Finder is a independent company that provides an online service to religious organizations and their members.

Some items you can post…..

Groups are……

Yes, if your a member…..

No, only members can see…….


No you do not….

No we will not sell any of your information. In fact……

Yes, we have an app for both apple (IOS) and android found here……

Yes you can, at any time…….

Yes you can as organizations ore encouraged to post their openings for reasons such as this.


Through the networking feature in your leadership profile page you certainly can.

With the share option or the “share my org” feature enabled…..

You can live stream, post, and even sell your prior sermons…..

Networking and message flexibility are options here…..

Through managing your organizations reviews! For example….

There are a multitude of options to gain more visitors…..

We offer multiple options to ensure that its affordable to your organization…….

Yes, if you have a desire to block a member from contacting you. Please go to their profile page and click the “Block” button. They will no longer see your profile or any of your activity. We also recommend clicking the “Report” button if they are harassing you or causing a disturbance. The MWF administrators will contact them for disciplinary action.

If you selected the monthly payment option, it'll be the first of the every month. If you paid you subscription off, you wont be billed until a year from now when the subscription renewal kicks in.