Expanding Your Ministry

How can we help you expand the footprint of your organization? The simple answer is that we’re taking your local message global. On any given day, there are speeches, discussions, sermons, and briefings held at your location organizations. Most times, only the people in attendance will receive and appreciate your message. Some of your organizations have websites and the ability to share your message online with those that follow your websites. My Worship Finder is a religious social network that will allow you and your message to connect those without a religious home, those looking for the “perfect fit”, those looking to expand their knowledge of the word. You can connect with people outside of your city, state, region, and even country with My Worship Finder.

The year 2020 has taught a great many lessons. In this case the physical versus virtual service attendance has been forever altered. See some of the statistics below from a survey taken illustrating this fact. In this era of requiring an online presence, social media, virtual ministries, & electronic donations. My Worship Finder is the solution to connecting the current, next, and future generations to your message.

First Time Viewership Trending

Just over half of U.S. adults who have recently watched virtual services had not done so before outbreak.

3/4 Of People Watch Online

Among regular worshippers, one-third say they have attended religious services in person in last month, nearly three-quarters have watched virtually

Viewership Sustainability

One-in-five online worshippers say they will watch virtual services more often after pandemic than before it


Attending Other Organization Services

Most virtual worshippers have watched congregations other than their own


Satisfaction Watching Virtually

Most U.S. adults who have watched religious services online, on TV satisfied with what they have seen

Share Your Message With The Network​

My Worship Finder will allow you to not only take that same message and share it with our entire social peer networking. This will bring in more views to your video libraries allowing more people to connect with your message. This will bring more views to your profile, follow your organization for updates, weekly bulletins, etc. This will also allow you to monetize your message in ways you’ve never had before.

Create your organizations profile on My Worship Finder. From share the message to your ministry to create their FREE member profiles on the site. Have them follow your organization so that they see all of your updates, message, calendar events, video message, and more. Its just that easy to communicate with everyone thats a member all at once!

Let Your Message Make Income For You

Traditionally when there are donations given on the day of a speech, talk, or sermon? That is all the revenue your hard work and crafted message will generate. With the My Worship Finder social peer network, you will have the ability to charge for access to current and past message that you decide to share.