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There are the following approaches, which are used to connect the database with the application. ViewModel can have the validation rules defined for its properties using data annotation. The session can be maintained in MVC by three ways temp data, viewdata, and view bag. It is the visual representation of a specific abstraction within the application.

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How do you face a programming task that you’ve never done before?.

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ASP.Net MVC has an attribute called “HandleError” that provides built-in exception filters. The HandleError attribute in ASP.NET MVC can be applied over the action method as well as Controller or at the global level. The HandleError attribute is the default implementation of IExceptionFilter. When we create a MVC application, the HandleError attribute is added within the Global.asax.cs file and registered in the Application_Start event. And this can actually decrease the application performance.

Explain attribute based routing in MVC?

ASP.Net MVC is a pattern which is used to split the application’s implementation logic into three components i.e. models, views, and controllers. Scaffolding is a code generation framework for ASP.NET Web applications. Visual Studio includes pre-installed code generators for MVC and Web API projects. You add scaffolding to your project when you want to quickly add the code that interacts with data models. Using scaffolding can reduce the amount of time to develop standard data operations in your project.

  • However, you can use your own specific programming languages, including Ruby on Rails, .NET, Java, amongst others, for solving MVC interview questions.
  • ASP.NET MVC has always supported the concept of “view engines” – which are the pluggable modules that implement different template syntax options.
  • Bundling and minification are two new techniques introduced to improve request load time.
  • CLR is the basic and Virtual Machine component of the .NET Framework.
  • In addition, it provides communication with the system through other controls.
  • If a website provides content in many languages, it is known as a multilingual website.

But as years passed by, client variety started spreading out. We had demanded to consume data on HTTP from clients like mobile, JavaScript, Windows applications, etc. Once “TempData” is read in the current request, it’s not available in the subsequent request. If we want “TempData” to be read and also available in the subsequent request then after reading we need to call “Keep” method as shown in the code below. ViewBag is also used to pass data from the controller to the respective view. It is a component that keeps consistency between the abstraction within the system and their presentation to the user.

What is Data Annotation Validator Attributes in MVC?

This talent management tool offers assessments in various skills such as psychometrics, IT, data science, human resource, etc. Moreover, the platform also provides an upskilling portal for existing employees to enhance their agility and deploy the latest skills. ASP.NET MVC test also includes programming tasks with code review challenges to test the MVC skills of the candidates.

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  • The user enters the information and submits the webform to the webserver.
  • You must check out the official job description for specific skills that the position demands.
  • Views- folder containing a folder for every controller and a particular folder shared for views used by controllers or multiple views.
  • Also, by default, it doesn’t provide paging and sorting of records.
  • Authorization, custom action filters , and action result transformation can be done with the same approach.

The controller is the part, which handles the user request. After that I create a controller action in User Controller (UserController.cs under Controllers folder). That action method has logic for the required validation for Name and Email validation on the Email field. I add an error message on ModelState with a key and that message will be shown on the view whenever the data is not to be validated in the model.

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There is a property named “IsPostBack” property in Post object, which can be checked to know that the page is posted back. The “IsPostBack” property of page object is used to check that the page is posted back or not. A frequently used web form which data doesn’t frequently change is good for caching. By using the MVC framework mvc developer we can design pluggable and extensible components which can be replaced or customized easier than Web Forms. To manage the complex application, MVC design pattern divides the ASP.NET MVC application into Model, View and Controller. You can work as an MVC developer even with a bachelor’s degree and upgrade your skills.

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