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No we are not, My Worship Finder is a independent company that provides an online service to religious organizations and their members.

Some items you can post…..

Groups are……

Yes, if your a member…..

No, only members can see…….


No you do not….

No we will not sell any of your information. In fact……

Yes, we have an app for both apple (IOS) and android found here……

Yes you can, at any time…….

YES you can! We provide you with the option of one time donations or a schedule to donate to all of your favorite organizations!


If you favorite speaker has a leadership profile on My Worship Finder? YES you can! We encourage all speakers to create their own profile for this reason. So that you can listen to them speak wherever they go.

We encourage it! You can send your friends, and family an invite through your profile page. Inviting them to join you as part of our social networking family

Most certainly, just fill out the “Please Add My Org” form and we'll contact that organization to see if they would like to join our network.

YES, your favorite organizations will post whatever video content for you to watch and enjoy at your leisure.    For example, if you wanted to view a given service posted by your favorite organizations? Friend them on your personal page and you'll see the updates anytime they post a new video.

Think of how professionals and businesses utilize LinkedIn as a networking tool How Facebook uses its platform as a way to connect people and share information. My Worship Finders social network is the combination of the two but for religious organizations and its member exclusively.

With a paid membership you'll get access to all of the features of the My Worship Finder social network. No restrictions to the amount of organizations your can favorite, follow, leave reviews for, videos you'll have access to watch for free, contact to other members, just to name a few 🙂

If you select the free membership option, YES the account is totally free. You'll become a member to the My Worship Finder social network family as well!

Yes, if you have a desire to block a member from contacting you. Please go to their profile page and click the “Block” button. They will no longer see your profile or any of your activity. We also recommend clicking the “Report” button if they are harassing you or causing a disturbance. The MWF administrators will contact them for disciplinary action.

If you selected the monthly payment option, it'll be the first of the every month. If you paid you subscription off, you wont be billed until a year from now when the subscription renewal kicks in.

Please review the following video to be walked through the steps to setup your account to receive funds.


***NOTE: You can make the video full screen by clicking the icon on the lower right corner of the video box***

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