Services We Provide

Services We Provide

Enrolling in one of our organization programs, you will have access to the My Worship Finder social network. This includes access to all of the members that are subscribed to following our organization, notifications to your members, share your calendar of events, as well as posting your video messages for free or for a charge. 

We provide multiple free & paid services to our family at My worship Finder. You will see below a break down of the services we provide. All designed to make your experience in our network first rate.

We are always updating and improving on the features we offer. If you have any suggestions or recommendation on ways to improve? We’d love to receive your feedback via our CONTACT PAGE.

Some of the features we offer with membership

Mobile App (Apple IOS & Andriod)

Take our service with you everywhere you go with our mobile app for IOS & Android!

Online Donations

Setup one time or regular donation via Stripe

Video On Demand

View daily, weekly, or monthly postings from your favorite organizations.

Direct Deposit Commission

The money generated from the sales of your uploaded video catalog deposited into your stripe account.

Increase Your Audience

Watch your profile & video traffic take off with (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. With this service more viewers online will find your profile and come take a look at what you have to offer!

Metrics & Reporting Dashboard

Receive reports showing you the traffic going to your profile. See how many views, reviews, video downloads, purchases, and more

Job Posting Dashboard

Advertise, target, and hire for positions at your organization. What better hiring pool than your own community.

Searching For Any Organization

With over 100k religious organizations to search

Follow Your Favorite Organizations

Your current and future members can follow all of your postings and updates to your timeline. To stay up to date!

Social Network

Connecting members, organizations, leadership together in one big online community.

Job Posting

Post jobs and hire qualified employee’s for roles at your organization.

Online Reviews

Allow members to leave reviews of their experience at your organization. So that potential new members will be motivated to attend your service online or in person.

Group Discussions

Create groups where your members and leadership can meet and have public or private discussions.

Invite Others

Send invites to other friends and family to join the MWF network.

Custom Calendars

Add events to your calendar that only members that are following your organization can see. Keep them up to date on all of your events!

Join now so you’ll get updates on all of our features coming soon!