Increasing Your Traffic

What’s the Difference?

There are several major differences between an Ad-Supported profile and a MyWorshipFinder Pro profile. The difference will make a huge impact on the number of visitors your organization will receive from MyWorshipFinder – the most widely used on-line resource for finding worship center.

Take a few minutes to compare so you can make the best decision for your organization…

DIFFERENCE #1 – Your Organization Profile

With MyWorshipFinder Pro, all ads are removed from your Organization Profile, and you get an Enhanced Profile with a Virtual Photo Tour, video and more.

Ad-Supported Organization

  • Distracting advertisements on organization Profile.
  • Ads can be from other organizations in your city.
  • People browsing your organization Profile may end up visiting another church instead.

MyWorshipFinder Pro

  • All Ads are removed from your organization Profile.
  • Instead of Ads, your Enhanced organization Profile includes a Featured Photo, Virtual Photo Tour of your organization, and videos.
  • Your organization Profile makes better first impression to seekers looking for a organization in your city.


With MyWorshipFinder Pro, every month your organization will make a better first impression with the LARGEST audience of people looking for a organization in your city.


With MyWorshipFinder Pro, you are Featured at the Top of city pages and other search results. These pages rank on the 1st page of Google in 93% of U.S. cities.*

Ad-Supported Organization

  • Hard to find your organization Profile.
  • Basic listing is below Premium organizations, Pro organizations, and advertisements on the City page.
  • No control over your visibility – lost in the crowd.

MyWorshipFinder Pro

  • Featured at the Top of your Target City page.
  • Shows your 5-star rating, Pastor’s name, organization logo or featured photo, and a prominent link to your organization profile.
  • BONUS: a second Featured listing at the Top of an SEO-Keyword page for your City is included.


Organizations with MyWorshipFinder Pro receive 18x more traffic and more visitors to their location.


  • A Better First Impression – all ads are removed from your organization, and you get enhanced features like photos and video. Every month, you’ll make a better first impression with the huge MyWorshipFinder audience of people in your city.
  • Higher Visibility – Featured at the Top of city pages and other search results. Since MyWorshipFinder is on the 1st page of Google in 93% of U.S. cities, this is the most cost-effective way to be sure people can find your church on-line.
  • Want more?MyWorshipFinder, you are eligible for our new program ShareMyOrg – an easy way your congregation can share your organization with their friends using on-line reviews and social media.

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